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Meals For Street Kids

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Project Description:
$2500 will allow StandUp For Kids to purchase restaurant gift cards that will feed 250 homeless youth. These cards will be distributed at our weekly outreach sessions. The kids will gain a true sense of community by sharing mealtime with their peers and our outreach volunteers. Your action begins with a meal, but truly extends to the hope that a kid needs to transition from life on the streets to a life of opportunity.

Project Background:
StandUp For Kids Orange County serves hot meals during weekly outreach and mentoring sessions. The goal is to help meet kids' basic need for nourishment while we work with them to transition to a life full of the opportunities they deserve. We serve homeless & at-risk youth and young adults, ages 13-25. This is an under-served population, especially in Orange County where it is illegal to be homeless. As volunteers who work directly with homeless teens, we have seen the reality of hunger on the streets. The kids reach a point of desperation and will do just about anything to eat. They will dig through dumpsters, beg and even steal for food.

Goals: Many homeless youth are without a parent or guardian, while others are victims of abuse or neglect. No matter where they came from, we work to stabilize the lives of these kids and through this program they will find relief from hunger. The kids will gain a true sense of community by sharing mealtime with their peers and volunteers who care about them. By being exposed to a supportive environment and having access to crucial resources, the youth will be empowered make changes in their own lives.


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